Art has been a big part of my life from the very beginning.
I was raised in Israel where my father was a diamonds designer,
I do believe that I've got his hands by gift.
I started to drawing with charcoal in a very young age (13)
and in time learned at art studios the foundations of painting,
composition, perspective, texture and art history.

After finishing my 3 years at the IDF, I moved to Tel Aviv
where I decided to take my passion seriously and open my first Public Art business. I made lots of murals and commission art for business and city halls in Israel. The next chapter of my Art started when I moved to the US, Started in Chicago where I mastered my skills in Oil painting
and chose my "impressionistic" Art stream. After few years of cold Chicago I moved to California
and for the last 6 years I've been living and creating my Art here in the socal.
I get my inspiration from the deep and Ancient knowledge
of Hebrew books (that I'm totally addicted to) and at the same time,
from the simplicity beauty the creation that surrounding us.

spiritual being on a human journey - Tamir Yosef Gal - T.Y.Gal

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